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Our Mentor Program
We have been contacting college coaches and former college players to dedicate their time to working with our kids.

A mentor will interact with our organization as much as possible. They may attend a game or practice or write emails to the group.

We have been very fortunate to have several female role models involved in our organization and we are committed to continuing that tradition.

We ask that you be patient with the mentor program and understand that many recently graduated athletes find it difficult to commit their time.

Blast from the Past: Some of our previous Spitfire Mentors gather in for a quick photo

Our Current Mentors


Andrea Boudreau
Brown University
Head Coach, Westwood High School


Sara DeCosta
Providence College
1998 Olympic Gold, 2002 Olympic Silver


Chanda Gunn
Northeastern University
2006 Olympic Bronze Medal


Karen McCabe
Providence College


Kim McManama
Harvard University
Asstistant Coach, Nobles & Greenough


Melanie Ruzzi
Providence College
Asstistant Coach, Harvard University