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Spitfire Code of Conduct for Players
As stated in the Spitfire Mission, our programs focus is to create better people and better hockey players.

The following player rules are ones that we take very seriously. Please read, remember and follow them:

» Always carry your own equipment bag and sticks.
» Dress yourself in your equipment. If you need your parents to help you with your equipment, get dress before you leave home. This includes skates!
» Be ready, dressed and in the locker room at least 10 minutes before each ice time. Your coach will almost always have something to explain before you step onto the ice.
» When changing in the locker room shorts and t-shirts are required at all time.
» Take pre-game and pre-practice preparation seriously because it sets the tone for your on ice experience.
» It is your responsibility as a player to call your coach in advance if you plan on missing or being late to practice or a game.
» There will be absolutely no swearing or fighting!
» Negative attitudes and hurtful behavior will not be tolerated.
» Always work hard and never give excuses.

All disciplinary actions will be discussed between the coach and the director before any action is taken.

Spitfire Code of Conduct for Parents
The Spitfire Organization will exemplify class both on and off the ice.

The term “organization” includes all players, coaches, volunteers, and parents. We consider parents to be an important part of the Spitfire program. Your positive support for all players is welcome in the stands.

We expect that all families will treat each other with respect and refrain from any and all activities which foster a negative environment. Confrontational situations will not be tolerated. We ask that any questions or comments you may have regarding the team be addressed at an appropriate time with the coaches or director.

We are implementing the “24-hour” rule. The rule requires you to take 24 hours to think about your issues before addressing them with the staff. We also ask that any concerns be addressed away from the rink.

Additionally, the locker room will be off limits to parents.

We expect the players to dress themselves (if they cannot they will be asked to get dressed before coming to the rink). The locker room is a place for our young athletes to have as their own and to look within themselves and their teammates for answers.

Cheering and clapping in the stands is acceptable and encouraged. However, coaching from the stands is not acceptable. Examples of coaching from the stands include yelling “skate it” or “pass it” and signaling to players between shifts or while they are on the ice. It is distracting to your child and aggravating to those around you.

Parents, players and coaches are required to act respectfully and in the spirit of good sportsmanship inside and outside the arena.