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NCAA Contact Regulations and Important References
There are a significant number rules governing the contact a college coach may have with a perspective student athlete. The following is an outline of the types of contacts governed by the NCAA.
E-mail, Letters and Correspondence
  1. The first date in which a school can send recruiting materials vie e-mail or letter is September 1st of an athlete’s junior year in High School. (11th Grade)
  2. Athletes may send e-mails to schools or write them letters at any time
  3. Schools may only communicate electronically by fax or e-mail. Instant messaging and text messaging are prohibited. If a text message is sent to a school they must respond by e-mail, fax or phone.
Telephone Contact
  1. The first allowable date for a school to contact an athlete by phone is July 1st following their junior year. (11th grade)
  2. During an athletes senior year phone communication may not exceed once a week. The only exception to that rule is the week leading up to an Official Visit. During that week phone communication is unlimited.
  3. An athlete may phone a school as often as they wish in any grade. The school may not return the call if a message is left, as doing so would be considered a school initiated contact.
Campus Visitation
  1. An athlete may make as many Unofficial Visits to a school as they wish in any grade. Unofficial Visits are defined as a visit paid for entirely by the athlete or their parents.
  2. Official Visits have a strict set of guidelines and are defined as a visit where the school pays for part or all of the expenses.
    1. You are allowed a total of five Official Visits during your recruiting process
    2. You are allowed one per school
    3. Official visits must occur after September 1st of the athlete’s senior year. (12th grade)
    4. Schools most often send a formal invitation for an athlete to make an Official Visit after they have satisfied the schools requirements to do so.
Off-Campus Contact
  1. Defined as a face to face meeting between a staff member and an athlete or their parents where more than a greeting takes place.
  2. Off-Campus Contact may not occur until after July 1st of an athlete’s junior year. (11th grade)
  3. Schools may not exceed three Off-Campus Contacts with an athlete or their parents during the recruiting process
  4. Off-Campus Contacts are prohibited during a game or tournament in which the player is participating. A conversation may take place following the conclusion the players’ participation in the event.
Please note:  This information is to serve as a general guide-some data may not be exact

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